Quote Puzzler
An online game of scrambled quotations and words.
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About The Quote Puzzler Site

On these pages you can find information about the Quote Puzzler website and all its games. Click here to read the site's Terms of Use.

If you are familiar with version one of the Quote Puzzler site (pre-Christmas, 2007), please read the following document to discover how the new-and-improved site differs from the old one: Quote Puzzler Version Two.

Information About Stars And Rewards

At the Quote Puzzler website, Puzzler Stars are awarded to high scorers in the puzzles. In addition, rewards are given to high scorers on a Weekly and Monthly basis. Finally, every year several members will be eligible for one of the Yearly Awards.

Reversible Word Lists

If you are a Word Builder or HoneyComb fan, you may want to print out our reversible word lists. These are words that will give you double point value when used in these games. A - E, F - M, N - R, S - T, U - Z

Extra Features

Anyone who joins the site (whether you have a current subscription or not) has access to the Discussion Forums, which allow you to get to know other members on the site. In addition, subscribers who have earned 100 or more Stars earn the right to login at The Puzzler Store and write reviews of educational/puzzle products. Click here to read more about writing product reviews.
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