Quote Puzzler
An online game of scrambled quotations and words.
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The Main Event

The main puzzle at the Quote Puzzler site is the puzzle we call, simply: Quote Puzzler. This game requires you to unscramble a quotation by figuring out which letters go on which line of the quote. Scores for this puzzle are accumulated from one day to the next, and high score lists show the high scorers for both the weekly and monthly tallies.

The Word Games

The Word Games are games which require you to figure out individual words, rather than complete phrases or quotations.
  • Secret Word: This game is similar to MasterMind, except that it's played with letters instead of colors!
  • Scrambled Word: Pick a letter from each row and column to form a five letter word.
  • X-Words: Use the nine letters on the side to fill in the gaps in the array of words.

The Phrase Games

The Phrase Games are usually a bit harder than the Word Games; they require you to unscramble or guess entire phrases.
  • Triplet Scramble: The phrase is broken up into sets of three letters; you must find the correct order for these triplets!
  • In And Out: A bit like Hangman, but with a twist - something interesting happens when you make a mistake!
  • Speed Phrase: Rearrange the letters to spell out a common phrase.

The Builder Games

The Builder Games are very open-ended. Unlike the Word Games and Phrase Games, there is not a pre-defined answer. You are given a set of letters, and you must build the highest scoring words you can think of!
  • Top Letters: Four Minute time limit to rearrange 20 letters into high scoring words.
  • The HoneyComb: This is like Scrabble, only it's built on a hexagonal grid! The possible combinations are dizzying!
  • Word Builder: If The HoneyComb is too much for you, this may be more your speed; here you get to build words on a square grid.
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