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Secret Word - Discover Today's Mystery Word

A game similar to MasterMind, except with words! Guess letters, and the game will tell you whether the letters are correct, and whether they are in the right spot.

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Learning To Secret Word

Your job is to guess the secret word which the computer has selected. You make a guess by selecting letters from the alphabet. The computer will tell you which letters you picked are in the word, and which letters are in the right location in the word.

Game Instructions

At the bottom of the screen you will see an array containing all the letters of the alphabet. Just above that, you will see a row of empty boxes, representing the computer's secret word. When you click on a letter in the alphabet below, the letter you click will move into the next available empty square. If the letter you selected is in the computer's word, the letter will turn yellow. If the letter is in the computer's word and it is in the right position then the letter will turn green. In the image shown below, the computer's word contains A, I, U, S, and N. And the letter N is in the correct position.

When you have completed a row, the row will slide up, and a new blank row will appear, allowing you to try again. Letters you tried in the first row that are not in the computer's secret word are now gone from the alphabet, and the letters you previously picked which are in the computer's secret word are now highlighted bright yellow, making it easier to pick letters.

Instead of clicking on a letter, you are permitted to drag it into place. This allows you to place letters out of sequence. For example, in the image above, since the second to last letter in an N, the solver guessed that the word might end in ING. Thus, the solver dragged the I and the G into place:

Your score for this game is calculated based on two factors: How many rows it takes to find the word, and how much time it takes to find the word. Your score is displayed at the bottom of the game window.

Note: This puzzle uses words which have no repeated letters.

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